5 Questions With... Denver (St. Augustine Manager)

Welcome to, "5 Questions With..." a closer look at our BGIE managers!  Today we will be interviewing our manager in St. Augustine, Florida, Denver!  Denver looks like a tough guy, but in reality, he is just a big old teddy bear. 

Jr: What is your favorite thing about St. Augustine?

Denver: The history of the town, lots of cool stories about that place, good vibes.

Jr: What was the best custom photo you have printed so far?

Denver: Bill Murray with the American flag behind him. 

Jr: What is your favorite internet cat video?

Denver: The one where the cat jumps out the window and it plays "Sail"!  (Watch it Here)

Jr: What is your favorite thing about working for BGIE"

Denver: The in-store experience with the people I meet on a day to day basis.  A lot of great times I have had with meeting people from all over the world.  My favorite thing is when I am able to spell out a husband and wife, or maybe a family's name using photos from all of the places they have been.  Just the look in their eyes, it makes me want to cry sometimes.  

Jr: How many sandwiches have you eaten off of the floor?

Denver: Haha, I have never eaten an entire sandwich off of the floor, but I have eaten some bologna that had fallen onto the floor.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Denver Wartes.