5 Questions With... Erick (Destin Manager)

Welcome to "5 Questions With..."  A closer look at our BGIE Managers!  Today we will be interviewing our manager at our Destin, FL (formally Dayton) location, Erick!  Erick enjoys long walks on the beach (to get to work) and wearing totally cool leather jackets. 

Jr: What is your favorite thing about Daytona?

Erick: That’s a tough question.  I guess I would say the events, the fact that there is always something going on!

Jr: What was your favorite frame you made for a customer?

Erick: It was a custom frame that I designed and painted for a mother and daughter from Kentucky.  NO! The best one was the one that I made for NASCAR driver Brad Keslowski!  Yeah...  Yeah... that was cool.

Jr: Why can’t we tickle ourselves?

Erick: (long pause) Because it is an unwanted pleasure? (longer pause)

Jr: What is your favorite cheese and why?

Erick: Colby jack.  Because it's good.  I like the different colors.

Jr: What is the next photo you are going to ask me to shoot?

Erick: Dance.  I want those dance and cheer photos, man!  But I don’t know man, don’t put that on the blog because that doesn’t sound cool.

Ladies and gentleman, Erick King.  The man is dying to have those dance themed photos, and loves his multi-colored cheeses.  Give him a visit next time you're vacationing in Daytona Beach!