Best First Day Ever

Yesterday was my first day at Best Gift Idea Ever, having recently been hired as the Social Media Coordinator. If you had asked me to write up a job desription for a position I would want, it would be this job. I get paid to create social media content (like this blog post), graphic design, interact with customers, help shoot/edit photography, stay up on pop culture (information I used to believe was useless), and hang out with some genuinely cool people. I had seen Best Gift Idea Ever (BGIE) products over the years. Family members brought home their letter art as souvenirs of a new destination visited and enjoyed. Friends received their last name as a memory of a first home or to honor a name change brought on by a wedding. The neighborhood pub has their name spelled out and proudly displayed on the wall. Although I was familiar with the product, I still had a lot to learn about the company itself. So I present to you, a few of the things I’ve learned since starting work with Best Gift Idea Ever, the leader in the Letter Art Industry


​1. The team is made up of a diverse group of people. They have a variety of experiences, interests, and backgrounds. They’ve lived in multiple states and countries (perhaps planets). They cheer on different teams (although the office is slowly being painted Buckeye colors). One thing they have in common is they are all very talented and creative people.


2. Our locations are in some of  the best cities and towns in the world. Seriously look at these locations


3. They really, really love Settlers of Catan. If you have ever read any of the other blog entries you probably deducted this, but it is not an understatement.  This board game is not just popular with the team here at Best Gift Idea Ever, but has a passionate following worldwide. I’m told my job success could be dependent on this. If any of you have tips or strategies, I could use all the help I can get. Please email me at . My job success depends on your help! 


4. Ping Pong (Table Tennis) is not only an underrated Olympic sport, but is the perfect way to let off steam or settle a disagreement. How can you be mad when hitting a small plastic ball back and forth? In light of the current election season, maybe America needs a giant ping pong table. 


5. So I have a confession after only one day, I have a crush on one of my colleagues. Ideally this isn’t a good idea in a workplace, but he has the most beautiful blue eyes. His clothing is well matched and one could definitely describe him as dapper. He is the youngest of my colleagues, and often the most vocal. I don’t think I’m alone in my belief as his instagram is way more popular than mine.



 Seriously, isn’t he adorable?


6.  Finally, I’ve learned the team is passionate about what they do. Store Managers share stories of how much they enjoyed helping customers. The orders that are created in our office location are made with care and concern, assuring that they give their best to the customer who created this order. They are genuinely excited to know their letter art is going to be used as wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, and souvenirs of once in a lifetime trips. They enjoy seeing the letter art creations in social media posts, emails, and in homes/businesses. They have them in their homes, and have given them as gifts. After all they know it’s a great product and are excited to share.